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Monday, September 11, 2006

Yoga: Three reasons you should not do Yoga posture – Standing Forward Bend

Forward Bend with Hands under Feet – (Pada Hastasana)

“You are as young as flexible is your spine”

‘Pada’ means foot and ‘Hasta’ means hand so this pose consists of standing with feet together, bending forward from the hips, and standing on one’s hands. The practice of this asana promotes a youthful vigour throughout the life. The Standing Forward Bend gives a complete stretch to the entire posterior (back) of the body, from the back of the scalp to the back of the heels.

This Hands-to-Feet pose stretches the arm muscles, hamstrings and joints. It strengthens and lengthens the whole spine making it more elastic. It develops strength and flexibility in the legs and hips.

As the trunk is inverted it increases the blood flow to the brain, scalp, face, muscles and nerves. As a result the inversion increases vitality and concentration, and develops equilibrium in the body.

As you practice this posture the abdominal muscles and organs are toned and stimulated, giving relief to constipation. It also improves metabolism and circulation to the thyroid glands.

People with good hip flexibility will find this asana relaxing and rewarding because the full inversion of the torso allows the spine to stretch, hanging passively from the hips. However, in most people, short hamstrings muscles and poor hip and back flexibility prevent torso from hanging upside down and the feeling of relaxation is not achieved.

The Forward Bend in a standing position has many benefits; however there are some health conditions in which this asana is not recommended.

Three important reasons (out of many) not to do Yoga posture – Standing Forward Bend:

1) Anyone with acute lower back pain should avoid doing this pose (if you are going into this pose with pain in the lower back , you are likely to come out with more pain).

2) In case of abdominal hernia do not attempt this posture.

3) People with high blood pressure should not practice this pose.

Issued in the interest of people practicing Hatha Yoga by Subodh Gupta, Yoga Expert based in London.

Mr.Subodh Gupta, a Corporate Yoga Trainer has conducted more than 500 workshops on Yoga and Stress Management. He has been interviewed by various TV channels in India and London.

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